Let’s stop talking and start walking

I am blessed with a creative analytical mind with an insatiable appetite for new knowledge. My creative analytical mind is always looking for the why of things. I trained as an interior designer and I am a certified Advanced Fungh Shui Practicioner. That taught me how the energy flows in your home are important for your well-being. Meanwhile, I am equally fascinated by the outdoor space and I am training as a garden designer and I founded bARK.today to share my passion for food forests with others.

In the meantime, I have been working in the media landscape for years and usually pioneer in ‘digital space’. I also coach entrepreneurs in the cultural sector or startups in deep tech and young entrepreneurs. There it is usually more important to investigate how the other person views your product or creation in order to be able to connect even better with the end user. But mostly I’m between the AI, IoT, VR, XR, deep tech startups. But for me, technology is never the goal but a means to an end. That is often forgotten. It is important to prepare people and include them in that transition. Change makes a lot of people insecure. Fear of the unknown, fear of losing their job, fear of waking up in a totally new world.

Coincidence does not exist, they say. But I discovered how polluting all that digital, deep tech really is. A combination of hoarding a lot of data and that results in data centers that consume enormous amounts of energy. Not to mention the E-waste because all those server parks full of computers also need to be replaced every 3 years. At the same time, I saw how Covid-19 was literally a bridge too far for many people.

I felt how nature was a real blessing and I started to delve into the matter. There’s a lot of research on what really makes people happy and it’s not that complicated. I now try to incorporate many of these parameters into my daily work. Learning new things, connecting with each other, beauty, active movement, standing still and being in the moment. On my path I came across forest baths and you can fill in the rest yourself.

In the meantime, I am following a Forest Bathing Guide at the Forest Therapy Hub and I am combining my experience as a ‘change manager’ and ‘business coach’ to help people get back in touch with nature. I take the Arboretum of Tervuren as my base of operations.

Contact me if you’re interested in trying it out. It is also a nice gift for your employees to learn to slow down.
I regularly organize walks myself. You will find it here.
But anyone can do it. All I can say is: It’s such a joy.

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