Forest Bathing Therapy Hub

Trees De Bruyne is a recognized Forest Bathing Guide and trained at the Forest Therapy Hub.

My choice to train with them arose mainly because you are part of a worldwide ‘learning network’ of Forest Therapy Guides from all over the world. This ensures that we continue to exchange knowledge and experiences.
This organization is also known for substantiating everything with the necessary scientific insights. It was worth joining them for that alone. There is so much research available that endorses the benefits of nature connection. We also include this knowledge in our approach.
In addition, the ‘Forest Therapy Hub’ actively participates in various research projects on the benefits of nature connection on the ‘Well-being’ of humans.

Forest Bathing Therapy can be used in different ways.
Perhaps you need a customized ‘Nature Connection Wellbeing Plan’ or we focus on ‘Social Prescription’ or the prescription of nature connection to support other therapies. We work at different locations or, if desired, in your area.

In addition to training as an interior designer and garden designer, Trees De Bruyne also followed a ‘Feng Shui’ training at the American Feng Shui Institute . As a Fengh Shui Expert’ she now combines the well-being of the living environment with the benefits that nature offers on the well-being of humans. A holistic approach where a healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy living environment go hand in hand.

Trees De Bruyne also works very closely with who use the creation of food forests to strengthen the nature connection. The Smuljungle Aalst project is the first ‘Urban Community Foodforest’ with the main focus on connecting people with nature and with each other. She has also integrated the knowledge gained during her training as a Forest Bathing Guide here.